Case Study — Hudson Made


Hudson Made is an online retailer specializing in highly curated, artisanal products made by hand in the Hudson Valley, the North Country and Brooklyn. All of the products sourced and produced are created in small batches resulting in limited quantities—a key point in the brand’s narrative. Additionally, everything they sell is 100% American made.

The branding of Hudson Made was influenced by late-nineteenth century letterpress, hand-cut wood typography and one-color printing.    

The branding also reflects Hudson Made’s emphasis on handmade goods and the authentic quality born of the craftsman’s touch. We chose to incorporate rubber stamps and other manual applications to further convey the uniqueness of each product. 

The logo’s straightforward design is an expression of simplicity and authenticity. The blending of serif and sans-serif fonts reflects common nineteenth-century typographical practice. Also, the referencing of “NY, USA” in the logo gives the brand a precise sense of place and locality in an increasingly global marketplace.



Hudson Made packaging references a time in history when every item was individually boxed and packed by hand upon production. The incorporation of traditional printing and letterpress typography on sustainable papers and substrates creates a valued presentation to the goods.

All of Hudson Made’s packaging is manufactured locally and meticulously selected for a truly regional product. The typography itself is balanced between contemporary simplicity and the heritage implied by nineteenth-century design.



The development of Hudson Made’s online shop forced us to push the boundaries of e-commerce. We undertook all concept work, design, copy development, photography and website architecture—including the implementation of the site’s e-commerce platform. 

We established a simple color palette and contemporary design, with an emphasis on photography to enhance the online experience. Its

 expanded features and product browsing capabilities called for intuitive and user-friendly organization. The site also creates a sense of community by showcasing local artisans. We created multiple categories to showcase Hudson Made’s products as well as several ways to navigate the site.


Social Media and Press

In addition to maintaining Hudson Made’s e-commerce site, we are responsible for their online presence in the social media space. This includes the design, management and content development for the blog, Facebook page, Pinterest board and Twitter feed. Since social media is directly linked to sales—and Hudson Made is exclusively an online brand—our work in the area of social media for the company is directly linked to its continued profitability and success.